Double coated tapes, printed tapes, identification tapes, cloth tapes, cotton cloth tapes, electrical/electronic tapes, foam tapes, paper tapes, craft paper tapes, security tapes, specialty tapes…  Can’t see the one you are looking for? Call us we will help you find the right tape for your application.

Stretch Film

Clear tape

Shielding / Protection Film

Shielding / Protection Film

D/C Natural Rubber Cloth Film

Aluminum Foil HVAC

Double Coated Acrylic

D/C Tackified Acrylic Tape

D/C Pure Acrylic

D/C Pure Acrylic

D/C Tackified Acrylic PET Film

Paper/Identification- WH

Double Coated

Acrylic VHB Foam

Electrical – Electronics Glass Cloth

Fiber Cloth (Specialty)

Electrical – Electronic High Temperature

Electrical – Electronic

Electrical – electronic

Marking/ ID

Painter’s tape

Foam WH


Masking Tape

Masking Tape Natural